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Solar chager Power Bank 50 000 Mah. 2 way USB 1A and 2A

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All smartphones have terrible battery backup.
People are constantly looking for places where they can plug in their phones.
Although portable chargers exists, they only provide limited amount of backup and need charging as well, which makes it pretty redundant.
Many people become inaccessible due to lack of charge and may miss out on important events.

Advantages of Solar Power Bank
1. This high performance best quality power bank holds enough power to charge your devices at a maximum of 2A output, making it super handy to have around if you're low on battery with no outlets in sight. It features innovative and additional solar panel system that recharges the power bank through direct sunlight in a few days of time. The beautiful looking shell case made with the premium quality Aluminum+ ABS material, comfortably fits in hands giving an elegant and royal look. This environmental-friendly portable power bank is unique in its own class and offers complete durability that makes it a perfect partner for a trip.
2. Ultra high performance, superb efficiency, Dual Output Charging power bank with a maximum of 2A output. Built-in unique solar panel that captures sunlight and recharges itself while on the go. Comes handy in emergency and difficult situations, to extend the usage time. Powered by durable high capacity 13000mAh Li-ion cell technology and goes compatible with all latest mobile devices.
3. COOLNUT Power Bank Provides you high quality seven layer protections including over charge/ discharge protection, over voltage/current protection and short circuit protection that ensures maximum safety at all times. In addition, NTC temperature protection monitors battery temperature to avoid overheating damage.
4. Amazingly lightweight, smarter look and compact design carved beautifully on ABS+PC shell case ensures a smooth, premium finish. Carry it easily, whether in pocket or handbag with complete satisfaction.
5. Compatible with all the branded smart phones, tablets and other digital devices like Samsung, Apple, HTC, iphone, ipad, Micromax, Xolo, Oppo, Zen, LG, Sony, Phillips, Intex, spice, Microsoft, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Xiomi, Gionee, Panasonic, karbon, iball, Motorola, idea, Reliance, Asus, Blackberry, Mi, LAVA and many more. It is compatible with almost all digital device under 5 Volt, and many more (just connect with your USB cable).

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Short circuit protection Built-in protection for the motherboard and battery if a short circuit occurs.

Solar Charger 50000mAh Power Bank - a device that combines all the advantages of compact solar panels and universal external batteries. The Power Bank 50000mAh case is made of impact-resistant and soft-touch soft plastic, and the device also has a range of protection systems that prevent short circuits, excessive charge levels, full and spontaneous discharge, overheating.

Protecting the input connector against overvoltage 

In the backup battery mode, you can accumulate a charge from the network, and then recharge the player or mobile phone. Included with the charger are supplied USB-microUSB charging cable. On a portable charger there are two USB connectors for charging equipment and a miniUSB connector for charging the Power Bank itself, the connectors are securely closed with rubber covers and are not afraid of moisture.

Thermal stability Thermosensitive Li-ion batteries work within safe limits.

Solar Charger 50000mAh Power Bank will help out in a critical situation and significantly extend the battery life of your favorite devices: smartphones, music players, tablets, cameras and other devices. Special indicators located on the front panel will notify you of the remaining charge level.
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